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The main purpose of regulating entertainment events is to ensure these activities are carried out in a safe manner for patrons, whilst preventing nuisances to the surrounding environment. Compliance with Council's requirements will assist you in providing a safe event for your patrons. If your specific questions are not answered on this site, contact Council.
The applicant for an approval must be a legal entity (e.g. person(s) or company).
Note - a business name or shop name is not a legal entity and cannot be the approval holder.

The following activities require an approval from Council:
Any event with more than 2000 patrons (over the duration of the event) at which entertainment is provided to the public on a one-off or irregular basis, whether from an entertainment venue or from some other place.

  • Concerts.
  • Fetes, fairs and festivals.
  • Performances (theatre, artisans etc.).
  • Promotional activities (sales displays, road shows, radio/tv events etc.).
  • Displays or exhibitions.
  • Live music or other entertainment (acoustic music, movie in park etc.).
  • Sporting activities (fun runs, boxing/wrestling, triathlons etc.).
The following activities do not require an approval under Council's local law:
Any event with less than 2000 patrons (over the duration of the event) or any event run by Council, the State or Federal Government.