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Tools and Resources

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The links here cover a range of tools and resources that can assist you to comply with the legislation ensuring you provide safe food for your customers.
Artist's impression of a food stall (PDF 774KB) 
Setting up and operating a Temporary Food Stall (MOVIE)
- A higher standard may be required for hand and utensil washing in regular market stalls.
Salmonella alert - egg safety (PDF 182KB)

Food poisioning (PDF 35KB) 
Cleaning (PDF 36KB) 
Pest management (PDF 35KB) 
Waste management (PDF 56KB) 
Animals and pests in food premises (PDF 135KB)
No animals please (poster) (PDF 2.10MB) 
Dont feed the birds (poster - design 1) (PDF 1.44MB) 
Dont feed the birds (poster - design 2) (PDF 1.44MB) 
Temperature control
Food safety information for doggy bags (PDF 213KB) 
Food safety supervisor (PDF 241KB) 
Complying with a food safety program (PDF 235KB)
Food safety (English, Chinese, Italian and Vietnamese) (PDF 1.28MB) 
FSANZ - Food safety fact sheets including foreign language translations
Food safety in non-profit organisation (PDF 254KB)
Buffet style self-service food (PDF 458KB) 
Four-hour/Two-hour guide (PDF1.65MB) 
Safe food storage temperatures (poster) (PDF 735KB) 
Five keys to safer food poster (various languages)
Food surveillance Autumn-Winter 2007 - Asian food storage 
Preparing food from vertical rotating spits (PDF 212KB) 
Food licence information for non-profit organisations (PDF 92KB) 
Temporary food stall - food licence information (PDF 91KB) 
Taste testing (PDF 324KB) 
Temporary food stall labels - waste water only, hand washing only, utensil washing only, no double dipping single  serve only (PDF 170KB) 
Food safety programs (PDF 217KB) 
Food safety program- caterers (PDF 258KB)
Food safety program- vulnerable persons (PDF 260KB)
Food safety program- choosing to have a food safety program (PDF 217KB)
Food safety program- choosing an approved auditor (PDF 210KB)
Food safety program - complying with a food safety program (PDF 235KB)
Cooling and reheating hazardous foods (PDF 208KB)
Food-borne illness: Information for consumers and food business (PDF 554KB)
Personal hygiene for food handlers (PDF 287KB) 
General requirements for all Queensland food businesses (PDF 249KB)
Due diligence (PDF 238KB)
What to do if a patron alleges food poisoning (PDF 89KB)
Escolar and oilfish health warning (PDF 257KB)
A guide to the safe handling of ice (PDF 220KB)
Cleaning and sanitising (PDF 257KB)
Cross contamination (PDF 188KB) 
Food recalls (PDF 237KB)
Use by and best before dates (PDF 233KB)
Becoming an approved auditor (PDF 222KB)
Listeria and food (PDF 240KB)
Egg safety (PDF 242KB) 
Food allergies (PDF 282KB)
Lunchbox safety (PDF 195KB)
Donating Food (PDF 255KB)
Food safety in an emergency (PDF 278KB)
Sushi safety (PDF 247KB)
Making a complaint about a food business (PDF 147KB)
Naturally occurring seafood toxins (PDF 234KB)
Food safety when outdoors (PDF 197KB)
The facts about food irradiation (PDF 490KB)
What to do if you suspect a food business is operating without a licence (PDF 189KB)
Seafood substitution in restaurants and takeaways (PDF244KB)
Sulphur dioxide in meat (PDF 238KB)
Use of non-reticulated water in a food business (PDF 194KB)
Food safety regulation roles and responsibilities (PDF 341KB)
Labelling of imported alcoholic beverages (PDF 250KB)
Food safety for fundraising events (PDF 389KB)