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Council regulates caravan parks and camping grounds to ensure that they are  maintained in a clean and hygienic condition and that they provide appropriate facilities. Compliance with Council's requirements will assist you in providing a safe environment for your customers. If your specific questions are not answered on this site, contact Council.
The following activities require an approval from Council:

Operation of a camping ground

Operation of a caravan park


Note: Some caravan parks may also provide "complementary accommodation", such as on-site caravans, cabins or tents.


The following activities do not require an approval from Council:

An unoccupied caravan lawfully parked on a road, holding yard or on the premises of the owner of the caravan; or

Camping for a continuous period of not more than 96 hours if:

  • Camping on a residential allotment by a family group at the invitation of the resident;
  • Camping of organisations including Scouts Australia, Guides Australia, Army Cadets, Navy Cadets, Air Force Cadets, Boys & Girls Brigade, sporting clubs or schools, on private property.