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The main purpose of regulating private swimming pools is to ensure they are maintained and operated in a manner that reduces risk to public health and safety. Council's role is to monitor the standard of operations of swimming pools. Compliance with Council's requirements will assist you in providing a safe and hygienic swimming environment for your customers. If your specific questions are not answered on this site, contact Council.
The applicant for a licence must be a legal entity (e.g. person(s) or company).
Note - a business name or shop name is not a legal entity and cannot be the licence holder.

Pools operating in the following situations require a licence from Council:
Pools operating in the following situations do not require a licence from Council:

There are no local law licensing requirements for commercial swimming pools in the Noosa area. 
However the following related applications may be applicable:

Development Approval
You must ensure your Commercial Swimming Pool has relevant Development Approval. If you are unsure, contact Council.

Do you intend to, or already operate a food business? If yes, you may also require a Food Business licence. For further information, refer to the Fixed Food Premises information.

Advertising Signs
Do you intend to, or already have any advertising signs/devices erected? If yes, refer to the Advertising Sign information.

Building or Plumbing Approval
Do you intend to build additional structures such as fences or shade awnings? If yes, you may need to obtain building approval, either from Council or a private certifier.

Business name registration
If you are registering a new business name you will need to contact the Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading.
Liquor Licensing
Contact Liquor Licensing Division for Liquor Licence enquiries.

Trade Waste
Do you intend for, or does your commercial pool already discharge backwash water to the sewer? If yes - waste discharged to the sewer is classified as trade waste and requires a permit from Unitywater. Please contact Unitywater for details.