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Council regulates roadside vendors to ensure these activities are carried out in a safe manner for road users and pedestrians. This activity means the commercial supply of goods or services on a road. Roadside vending can involve travelling from place to place on a road and the waving down of the person operating the roadside vending by a customer (mobile roadside vending) or the activity being established in one place (stationary roadside vending).   This approval does not apply to footpath dining activities.

If your specific questions are not answered on this site, contact Council.
The applicant for an approval must be a legal entity, for example, person(s) or a company.
Note - a business name or shop name is not a legal entity and cannot be the approval holder.
The following activities require an approval from Council:
  • soliciting or conducting of business on roads;(Gayndah)
  • all commercial supply of goods or services (including food or drink or both) conducted on a road and associated public places.(Eidsvold)
  • anyone conducting business on Council land (Mundubbera)
The following activities do not require an approval from Council:
For previously Gayndah Regional Council,
  • a business on part of a road if the person carrying on the business is authorised by a permit under the Land Act 1994 to occupy the relevant part of the road for carrying on the business;
  • a person who is authorised to carry on a business under the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994;
  • using a road for a particular purpose if the use constitutes development under the Integrated Planning Act 1997.

  • the commercial supply of goods or services for a religious, charitable, educational or political purpose.(Eidsvold)
    Conducting Business on private land (Mundubbera)