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The main purpose of regulating film production is to ensure these activities are carried out in a safe manner with minimal disruption to local residents and businesses. Council is required to monitor film production including feature films, television commercials, travel shows and still photography shoots. Compliance with Council requirements will ensure that public health and safety is protected during film production. If your specific questions are not answered on this site, contact Council.
The applicant for a licence must be a legal entity (e.g. person(s) or Company).
Note - a business name or shop name is not a legal entity and cannot be the licence holder.

The following activities require an approval from Council:
  • A business that proposes to conduct audio and visual recording and associated activities for the purposes of cinema, television or the internet on any Council controlled land. (Kilcoy)
For previously Esk Regional Council,
  • commercial film production carried out in parks and reserves, not established on trust land
  • commercial film production on any other Council regulated land
  • the soliciting and or carrying on of a business on a Council road
The following activities do not require an approval from Council:
For previously Kilcoy Regional Council,
  • Filming on private land.
  • Still photography, unless the photography is carried out for a commercial benefit and is part of a fashion or sports wear shoot for a newspaper or other document, as defined in the Printing and Newspapers Act 1981.
  • Audio and visual recording of a wedding or other private celebration or event.
For previously Esk Regional Council,
  • a business on part of a road if the person carrying on the business is authorised by a permit under the Land Act 1994 to occupy the relevant part of the road for carrying on the business
  • use of a road for a particular purpose if the use constitutes development under the Integrated Planning Act 1997
  • the soliciting and or carrying on of a business on a Council road for religious, charitable, educational or political purposes