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Water carriers fit into two distinct categories:
  • those that carry potable (drinking) water and
  • those that carry non-potable (not for drinking) water.
Water carriers transporting drinking water are regulated under the Food Act 2006 and require a food business licence from Council.

The Food Act 2006 section 49 delegates authority to Council to regulate water carriers carrying potable water for human consumption as a mobile activity. Water carriers who sell water for human consumption will be required to hold a Food Licence with Council.

A mobile Food Licence allows the licensee to operate anywhere within Queensland to carry out the licensable business however they still need to check with the council area they are operating in if any other approvals are required.

Approval to access Council water supply:

To obtain water from a Council standpipe you will require a permit from the Water and Waste section of Council. Please contact Council on 131 872 to enquire about this process.


Water carriers transporting water for non-drinking purposes are regulated under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (PDF 828KB).

Examples of uses of non-drinking water include:
  • dust suppression at development sites
  • landscape irrigation.
Examples of sources of non-drinking water include:
For more information contact Workplace Health and Safety.
  If water carriers are carting potable for other purposes than human consumption, a Food Licence is not required. For example, operators may still hold a permit to access potable water however be using it for other purposes such for livestock use etc.