Animal Management Officer


Certificate IV in (Local) Government: Statutory Investigation and Enforcement or other acceptable qualifications.


    An Animal Management Officer in their duties will be responsible for:

    • collecting, impounding and caring for domestic animals
    • disaster management (animal welfare)
    • conducting dog patrols
    • investigating animal attacks
    • inspecting animal boarding houses
    • maintaining a database of registered animals
    • inspecting horse stables
    • assessing applications for cat and dog registrations.

    Conduct complaint investigation for the following issues:

    • barking dogs
    • dangerous or menacing dogs
    • unregistered cats and dogs
    • dogs wandering at large
    • noise from roosters.

    Provide the following services:

    • educating the public on animal management matters
    • helping to return lost and found animals.

    Powers of an Authorised Officer

    Authorised Officers have many powers under various state and local legislation. These powers are relevant to the investigation/legislation and may allow an Officer to:

    • enter a place
    • issue compliance notices
    • seize particular dogs
    • destroy seized regulated dogs
    • ask a police officer for help in exercising particular powers
    • require a person to state their full name and address and ask for verification
    • take photographs, video, other images and audio
    • request assistance from a competent person.