Penalty Unit

The fine amount for an offence under Queensland State legislation and the laws of local governments is identified as a penalty unit. Queensland's Penalties and Sentences Regulation 2015 defines the dollar value of a penalty unit. This is subject to a yearly review by the State Treasurer.

As of 1 July 2020, the value of a penalty unit is $133.45

The Penalties and Sentences Regulation also defines how to calculate the fine amount. The number of penalty units attributed to the offence is multiplied by the value of a penalty unit. The final amount is then rounded down to the nearest whole dollar.

For example:

  • a fine of 1 penalty unit is $133 (rounded down from $133.45)
  • a fine of 2 penalty units is $266 (rounded down from $266.90).
Summary of common fine amounts
Number of Penalty Units Fine Amount
1 penalty unit $133.00
2 penalty units $266.00
4 penalty units $533.00
5 penalty units $667.00
10 penalty units $1,334.00
20 penalty units $2,669.00
30 penalty units $4,003.00
40 penalty units $5,338.00
50 penalty units $6,672.00
75 penalty units $10,008.00

Some councils choose not to increase the penalty unit value for fines related to their local laws and it remains at $75. These councils are listed in Schedule 2 of the Penalties and Sentences Regulation.