Preparing for a disaster

Being prepared for a disaster is the best way for businesses and residents to ease the impacts of a disaster.

Use this information to assist you in planning and preparing your home and/or business in the event of a disaster.

For business owners/operators

There are several steps involved in getting your business ready in the event of a disaster. These include identifying potential risks to your business, developing a business continuity plan, checking you are adequately insured, preparing an emergency kit, developing an evacuation plan, checking your premises is secure, and ensuring important documents and information are kept safe and secure.

A part of being prepared is understanding the requirements your business must comply with. Use this information to help you be prepared and plan ahead.

Business preparedness tools

Templates and checklists

For residents and the community

It is important that residents and communities, particularly those with vulnerable groups, are prepared for disasters, especially if you know that your area is likely to be isolated if severe weather or flooding was to occur.

These links will assist you in preparing for a disaster.

Food and water

Around the home

Pets and other animals

Other resources